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Author: Ryan Chambers
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About the Author

My name is Ryan Chambers and I work as an auto mechanic at a private repair shop. I love repairing cars, and obsessing about cars, garage work, and car repair through journals, magazines, and anything on the internet.

But even though I know a lot about about the repair and maintenance of cars, before I built my own garage I knew very little about fixing up a home garage myself!

At times, when doing research, I was stymied by a lack of information about, for example, what materials can help keep heat in and insulate garage doors, what type of paint can help seal the floor of a garage, or what lighting systems work best in a garage.

There was no readily available information about garages on the internet, so I had to gather and glean it in parts myself, in order to form a whole picture.

As a result of my searches, I came up with the idea of creating a personal blog where I could share all of the information I’d found. This is it!

On the pages of my blog you’ll find all the information you’ll need related to the operation and repair of a home garage; I’m trying to keep the blog up-to-date and write regular entries.

Feedback and Suggestions

I’m always open for any kind of direct cooperation, so don’t hesitate to send suggestions and feedback via the contact form. However, I don’t receive products from manufacturers to review.

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