Best Car Covers – Buyer’s Guide

Best Car Covers

Cars not only represent a significant financial investment but can also have sentimental value to the owner. Because of this, people go to great lengths to protect their vehicles, especially if they park it outside.

Cars can be worn down over time by the elements and begin to show signs of age, such as rusting or having the paint slowly become less vibrant due to prolonged exposure to the UV rays of the sun.

Even if you’re parking in the garage, a car cover can be really useful to prevent dust from settling on the car or moisture from getting in.

To help you protect your vehicle, we’ve made a list of six car covers and included a small guide at the bottom of this article to help you determine which of the car covers on our list is ideal for your vehicle.

Best Car Covers of 2020

ProductTypeSizesUV ProtectionWaterproofColorsMaterialsWeight, lbs
Kayme 4-Layer Waterproof All-Weather Car Cover (Editor's Choice)Kayme 4-Layer Waterproof All-Weather Car CoverOutdoor car covers for Sedan, Hatchback, SUV JeepUp to 173''; 174''-193''; 194''-208''; 188''-200''++SilverPE, aluminium, cotton5.7Check Price
Ohuhu Waterproof Outdoor Car CoverOhuhu Waterproof Outdoor Car CoverOutdoor car covers for sedanUniversal Full Size 191''-201''++SilverPolyester taffeta and 190D denim2.13Check Price
West Coast Grand Sport Corvette Car CoverWest Coast Grand Sport Indoor Car CoverIndoor car coverUniversal Full SizeVarietyStretch satin7Check Price
OxGord Auto Basic Outdoor CoverOxGord Auto Basic Outdoor CoverOutdoor car covers for SUV, Van, and TruckFits up to 206''+Grey4 layer fabric6.56Check Price
Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Car CoverLeader Accessories Platinum Guard Car CoverCar cover for snowUp to 200''; up to 185''; up to 228''; up to 264''++Silver; Beige5 or 7 layers of cotton, polypropylene, UV CoatingVarietyCheck Price
Empire Covers 5-Layer Truck CoverEmpire Covers 5-Layer Truck CoverWaterproof truck coverFrom 208" to 264" length++Grey5 layer of polypropylene11-13Check Price

1. Kayme 4-Layer Waterproof All-Weather Car Cover – Best All-Around Cover for Outdoor Storage

The first car cover we’ll be looking at is the Kayme 4-layer all-weather car cover. This car cover comes in a light gray color and a variety of sizes that are designed to cover most sedans and SUVs all the way down to the bottom few inches of the wheels.

For safety, the cover features highly reflective strips to warn people of the vehicle’s presence. The reflective strips are located on the front headlights, taillights, and side-view mirrors of the vehicles when covered to give a clear outline to oncoming drivers of where the vehicle is parked.

These reflective stripes illuminate brightly when light is shined on them from another vehicle’s headlights. The cover is made from a four-layer material that includes a waterproof layer, a UV resistant layer, an aluminum film that is reflective of both light and heat, and finally soft cotton on the inside to protect the car’s finish.

The Kayme four-layer cover comes in six different sizes designed to fit different types of vehicles ranging from small sedans all the way up to SUVs and jeeps.

The cover fits snugly around the front and rear bumpers and includes a buckle at both the front and the back to keep the cover on tightly even during windy days. This cover even has a convenient chart that shows which size is best for which vehicles.

The driver side door has a zipper that allows you to easily and conveniently get into the vehicle should you need to get something without having to take the cover completely off. Finally, this cover comes with its own storage bag for keeping the cover neatly organized when not in use.


Driver’s side zipper for easy access
Reflective stripes to warn other cars
Durable 4 layer material


Must be the right size for your vehicle in order to fit and stay on properly
kayme Car Cover Waterproof Breathable Rain Uv Sun All Weather Protection, Good fit car cover with 2

2. Ohuhu Waterproof Outdoor Car Cover – Cheap Product for Winter Outdoor Use

For those looking for a simple and easy to use a car cover, the Ohuhu waterproof car cover is a great choice. This cover is constructed of a single fabric layer that is made from a mixture of polyester and denim that offers an impressive level of durability.

The material is given a silver coating that reflects sunlight and can prevent weather damage to your vehicle. Not only is this unique single-layer material waterproof and UV resistant, but it is also tear-resistant and scratch proof.

This cover is easy to put on with a stretchy elastic hem around the entire length of the cover, and will reliably stay on thanks to the single buckle at the middle of the vehicle designed to ensure that the cover is held down in the wind.

The smooth silver coating given to the single-layer material can be easily cleaned by simply wiping it down with soap and water. This cover only comes in one size, but it is designed to be one-size-fits-most thanks to the extremely stretchy elastic around the inside of the cover.

It will not fit larger vehicles such as SUVs or Jeeps but will fit sedans between 190 and 201 inches. This also means that this cover is less than ideal for very small vehicles. Additionally, if you live in especially windy areas, the buckle being positioned in the middle of the car can be troublesome since the front or back bumper can still become exposed in high wind.


Easy to put on with the simple design and extra stretchy elastic hem
Single-layer material is tear-resistant and easy to clean


Only available in one size that will fit most average sedans
Buckle in the middle of the car means that the front or back of the cover can come off in a high wind
Ohuhu Waterproof Car Cover

3. West Coast Grand Sport Corvette Car Cover – Best Indoor Car Cover for Dust

One of the most iconic silhouettes in the automotive industry is that of the Corvette. Its thin and streamlined body is something that most people wouldn’t want to cover up with a standard car cover.

If you want a cover that can both protect your car while at the same time showing off its distinguished looks, then the West Coast Corvette Grand Sport car cover might be a great option.

This car cover fits all 2014 to 2018 models of Corvette and is made from a stretchy satin fabric that lends a luxurious look to the vehicle even while covered and protected.

This cover is designed for vehicles that are in indoor storage and are not intended for outdoor use. Because of this, the material that the cover is made of is not waterproof but is instead made from a breathable fabric that allows the vehicle to be protected from dust and debris while at the same time not holding moisture under the cover, which can potentially cause mold to grow on the finish.

Additionally, the cover only fits 2014 to 2018 Corvettes and will not work on any other vehicle. However, if you do have a Corvette from these years and wish to protect it while it is in indoor storage, then this cover would be a good choice. This cover even comes in seven different colors that will match the color of your Corvette’s finish.


The fitted cover retains the silhouette and looks of the vehicle while protecting it


Material is not waterproof and is only intended for indoor use
Only fits Corvettes from between 2014 and 2018
West Coast Grand Sport Car Cover

4. OxGord Auto Basic Outdoor Cover – Durable Cover for SUVs, Vans, and Trucks

Next on our list is a one-size-fits-most cover designed for larger vehicles, including SUVs, vans, and trucks. This cover comes in a neutral gray color that avoids drawing too much attention to the vehicle but is still visible enough for other cars to easily notice.

The cover uses an elastic hem around the entire length that makes it easy to put the cover on the vehicle or take it off and is stretchy enough to fit vehicles up to 206 inches.

The OxGord auto cover is designed from a four-layer fabric that has two layers of polypropylene to give the cover resistance to wind and water, one layer of microporous film that allows the vehicle underneath to breathe, and one layer of soft cotton. The cotton layer lays against the car and protects its finish while the microporous film prevents moisture from being trapped under the cover, which can lead to mildew growth on the vehicle. This four-layer design makes this cover suitable for all weather and the cover also features a tie-down grommet for security against high winds. This cover is impressively durable thanks to the tough polypropylene layers protecting the more delicate inner cotton layer, and also boasts reinforced seams to help the cover hold up even in unforgiving weather.


Fits vehicles up to 206 inches
Four-layer material is durable and suitable for all elements


Not designed for smaller vehicles and may fit too loosely on sedans
OxGord Auto Outdoor Cover

5. Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Car Cover – Excellent Snow, Rain and Sun Protection

If you want the maximum protection possible against the elements for your vehicle, then the Leader Accessories Platinum Guard is the ideal cover for you. This car cover comes in a light gray color and boasts an incredible seven-layers of various materials.

On the outside of the cover are four layers of polypropylene, which is a waterproof and windproof plastic that is flexible yet durable. Beneath that are two layers of UV coating, which are important for protecting the finish of your vehicle against bright sunlight that can dull the color and damage the finish of your vehicle over time. The last layer is a layer of cotton that protects the finish of the car from being scratched by the more coarse UV protective layers.

This cover has a buckle in the middle of the vehicle to ensure it stays on properly during windy days, as well as an elastic hem for a snug fit around the bumpers and sides of the car. This cover is available in two sizes, one for sedans up to 185 inches, and the second is for slightly larger vehicles of up to 200 inches. The outer material of this cover is easy to clean and can be wiped off with a soft cloth or sponge and warm water. There’s also easy to use the chart on this cover’s page that shows which size will best fit your vehicle.


7 layer design is super durable and weather-resistant
Comes in 2 sizes for smaller sedans up to 185 inches and larger vehicles up to 200 inches


Buckle in the middle of the cover make it possible for the front or rear of the car to become exposed in high wind
Leader Accessories Chevrolet Camaro Car Cover

6. Empire Covers 5-Layer Truck Cover – Waterproof Cover for Pickups and Crew Cabs

The last cover on our list is designed for people who have pickup trucks that are too large for regular car covers to fit onto. The five-layer material offers 100% waterproof protection and blocks out damaging UV rays.

This cover will keep your truck looking like new and boasts a tough elastic hem to make putting the cover on or taking it off easy, as well as a buckle system to help hold the cover down in the wind.

This cover comes in seven different sizes that are meant to fit trucks of any make or model. The largest size covers trucks up to 264 inches in length and can even fit onto long bed trucks, trucks with dual rear tires, and crew cabs. The stitching and fabric on this cover are exceptionally durable and include a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Comes in 7 sizes to fit any truck including crew cabs, long beds, and duallys
5 layer material is waterproof, windproof, and UV proof
Comes with a 7-year warranty


Will not fit sedans or smaller SUVs
EmpireCovers Titan 5L Jeep Wrangler Covers

Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve taken a look at 6 high-quality car covers, it’s important to go over a few factors that distinguish each of these covers from each other. Each cover on this list is designed for a different purpose and it’s important to select the right cover for your vehicle.

In this short guide, we’re going to take a look at the factors that make each of these covers unique and which one might be right for your vehicle.

Materials for Car Covers

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for a car cover is what material it is made out of.

The simplest car covers, such as the Ohuhu waterproof car cover, are made from a single layer of material. This minimalist design makes this car cover inexpensive, but at the same time limits its ability to protect your car. The single-layered material is a polyester-based with denim blended in which lends it some tear resistance.

The material is also given a reflective coating that is waterproof and resistant to UV rays in order to protect your vehicle a little more than the fabric alone could.

Looking at the higher-end car covers, you’ll notice that they are made from layered materials rather than any single fabric. Most of the car covers on our list are five-layer designs with some having as many as seven layers.

This layered design allows the manufacturer to use the best material for each of the factors they are trying to protect your vehicle against. Most of the layered covers in our list will feature a polypropylene layer designed for waterproofing, a layer that features aluminum film or some other UV protective material, and a final layer of cotton that is on the inside of the cover to protect the car.

The soft cotton is included to prevent the more coarse aluminum and polypropylene layers from scuffing or damaging the finish of the car over time. The UV reflective layer is also very important as UV rays from the sun can cause paint to dull over time.

Most layered covers also feature a layer close to the vehicle that allows some air flow and breathability, which is good for vehicles that are going to be covered for long periods of time. With a completely impermeable cover, such as a simple one layer cover, moisture can get stuck underneath the cover and cause mold or mildew to develop over time on the car’s finish.

The final type of material to discuss is stretchy satin, which the West Coast Corvette Grand Sport car cover is made from. This material is breathable and offers a glove-like fit that retains the silhouette of the vehicle while offering some protection from dust and debris.

The drawback to this material is that it cannot be used as an outdoor cover and will not protect from wind, UV rays, or rain.


It’s important to make sure you’re getting a cover that is properly sized for your vehicle. If the cover you purchase is too large, it can easily be blown off of the vehicle, while if the cover is too small, it simply won’t cover the vehicle.

Some of the car covers on our list, such as the Kayme all-weather cover and the Leader Accessories cover, come in multiple sizes that are intended for vehicles up to a certain length. If you decide to go with one of these covers, it’s best to make sure that your vehicle is the appropriate length for the size you’re purchasing.

Both of these covers are ideal for a variety of different sedans and some can even fit onto an SUV.

The OxGord Auto basic outdoor cover is designed to fit SUVs, vans, and smaller trucks up to 206 inches. This large cover is one-size-fits-most and has a semi-glove like fit thanks to its large elastic hem running the entire length of the fabric.

For those with larger trucks, including ones with dual rear tires, long beds, or crew cabs, the Empire Covers 5-layer truck cover is ideal. It comes in seven different sizes, but all of them are intended for use on different sizes of a pickup truck with the largest coming in at an incredibly large 264 inches.

Getting a properly sized cover is especially important with windy areas, as a cover that is too large can be simply blown off of the top of the car.

If you live in a very windy area, consider getting one at such as the Kayme or Empire covers that feature a buckle system underneath the vehicle that allows you to latch the cover all the way around the car and keep the bumpers covered in any conditions.

Some of the covers on our list like the Ohuhu cover feature a buckle that is centered on the vehicle, which is not as good as having two buckles at either end, as this could still allow the front or rear bumper of the vehicle to become exposed in high winds.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of what kind of car you have, if it’s left exposed to the elements, or even if it’s left to sit in one area for a long time it will begin to deteriorate over time.

The paint will become less vibrant due to exposure to UV rays from the sun, and some of the metal can begin to rust in the rain. Keeping your car looking like new and preventing this deterioration is as easy as finding the right car cover to put over it.

The car covers on our list were specifically chosen based on a variety of factors. Choosing the right one for your vehicle is essential.

We hope that reading our buyer’s guide has given you a clear picture of which one of the covers on our list is right for your vehicle and has given you a good idea of what to look for in a car cover.

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