Best Quiet Garage Door Opener – Buyer’s Guide

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We also put together a comprehensive buying guide to help you select the best quiet garage door opener that meets your needs.

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Best Quiet Garage Door Opener of 2021

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1. Best Overall – Chamberlain B970


Featuring a strong belt drive, the Chamberlain B970 is super quiet and is powered with the Max Lift Power System by Chamberlain. The included battery backup and anti-vibration technology gives this precisely engineered garage opener many years of reliable performance. Plus, the MyQ app and built-in Wi-Fi provides you with real-time alerts on the garage door’s status anywhere you are.


Designed to handle extreme weather conditions, the Chamberlain B970 is made with a durable and strong steel-reinforced belt drive that uses smart technology to manage and control the door. Equipped with a fully functioning wall control panel, this unit was created to offer security and safety. Using Triband technology, it offers incredible performance and range along with less interference.


Using a high-level of monitoring and encryption, the Chamberlain B970 is paired with your home’s Wi-Fi router firewalls to prevent hacking. Battery backup keeps the unit working while the unit’s smart technology allows you to pair with IFTTT, Key by Amazon, Wink, or Google Assistant. It also works along with your router’s firewalls to prevent hacking.

Great Range

Designed for seven-foot garage doors, you can buy an extension kit for either an eight or 10-foot door. The Chamberlain B970 uses the Max Lift Power System and provides a 1 1/4HP lifting force, which is the highest lifting capacity in its category. The remote controls also provide an incredible range up to 1,500 feet for fast entrance and exit.


This garage opener includes safety sensors, two remotes, and a wireless keypad. The Chamberlain B970 is easy to install and the included Security+ 2.0 offers you security and safety. Plus, real-time notifications offer you alerts every time your garage door closes or opens.


This is a super quiet unit
You can have it installed in less than 30 minutes
It comes with two remotes and an outside control panel


The safety sensor beam won’t always reset itself if you walk past it
Subscriptions are required for Good Assistant and IFTTT integration
How to Assemble and Install a Chamberlain® Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

2. Runner-up – Genie StealthDrive


The Genie StealthDrive is a smart garage system that is compatible with both Google Home and Alexa. This noiseless garage opener features a strong belt system and battery backup. Using the integrated Aladdin Connect Wi-Fi technology, you can pair this garage door with your smart home system.

Powerful Motor

Using a steel-reinforced belt, the Genie StealthDrive is a great choice for families where sounds can be an issue. The included app will alert you when the door opens and closes offering you control as well as peace of mind. Equipped with a powerful DC motor, this garage door comes standard with Genie Sense technology as well as an integrated battery backup in case of a power outage.


The Genie StealthDrive also comes with several accessories that add to the unit’s convenience and safety. You get multiple function wall console, a wireless keypad, and two garage door remotes, and a wireless keypad. The wall console also features a vacation lock and a light control button.

Smartphone Control

Using your smartphone, you can control your Genie StealthDrive from anywhere. You can also use Google Home or Alexa to use voice control thanks to the Aladdin Connect feature. This is a very easy to install a garage door that comes with a durable five-piece rail system that is easy to snap together. Plus, the Genie StealthDrive is lightweight and doesn’t require any additional hardware. The remotes are already pre-programmed, so they are ready to use right out of the box.


It’s so quiet, you can easily have a phone conversation as it operates
You can use the app to remotely close and open the door
This is an easy to install and operate garage opener


The Aladdin app could be more user-friendly, especially when sharing access with others.
It has a lightweight aluminum track that will bounce some when you close the door, which can be annoying.
Genie 7155L Garage Door Motor Review (7155L-TKV)

3. Best Value – Genie ChainDrive 550


Including two remotes, a wall console, and a wireless keypad, the Genie ChainDrive 550 is easy to operate and program. Reliable and powerful, this garage opener is equipped with a long-lasting chain drive and a powerful DC motor that offers soft stops and starts. This is a low maintenance garage opener that is also very easy to install.

Intellicode Technology

Using Genie’s INTELLICODE technology, unauthorized users are prevented from opening the garage door. The Genie ChainDrive 550 also includes safety sensors that ensure the safety of your family using an infrared light across the opening of the door. Compatible with seven-foot-high garage doors, you can purchase an extension for eight-foot doors.


The Genie ChainDrive 550 includes several accessories including a wireless keypad, two remotes, a wireless keypad that offers personal PIN options, and a multiple function wall console that includes a light control button and a vacation lock. And, it is CAR2U and HOMELINK compatible for added convenience.

Reliable Operation

Using a robust chain drive design, the Genie ChainDrive 550 will give you many years of reliable operation. This is an easy to install garage opener that snaps together easily and doesn’t require additional hardware. The chain is also pre-assembled and doesn’t require cables.


Equipped with a ½ HP DC motor, ChainDrive 550 offers a precision machined gearbox and motor that is maintenance-free and comes with a 10-year limited warranty. Other standard features include Intellicode Access security, GenieSense Monitoring, a reversing system, and diagnostic technology.


It is easy to set adjustments on this garage door
The instructions are easy to understand and well laid out
It is super quiet as it operates


The door itself has too much flex and bow up
The hangers are a little cheap
Genie Chain Drive 550 Model 2035 Installation

4. Chamberlain Group B550


Equipped with a durable and strong steel-reinforced belt drive, the Chamberlain Group B550. Smartphone-controlled, this noiseless garage opener uses MED Lifting Power and includes built-in Wi-Fi. Using smart technology, you can easily control and manage your garage door anywhere you happen to be.

Reliable Performance

With precision engineering, the Chamberlain Group B550 offers reliability and smooth performance that you won’t even hear. Delivering the highest lifting capacity in its class, this garage opener includes MYQ technology that keeps you protected and connected through alerts about the state us the garage door. Designed for seven-foot doors, you can also buy an extension kit for eight-foot and 10-foot doors.

Tons of Accessories

Included with the Chamberlain Group B550 is a wireless keypad, enhanced Triband technology for less interference, and better performance and range, and a dual-function wall control panel. It also offers a high level of monitoring and encryption pairing with your Wi-Fi router firewalls to protect against hacking. guard against hacking.

Smart Technology Compatible

This noiseless garage opener is a great choice for attached garages. The included remotes can open up the door from up to 1,500 feet away from the entrance. The Chamberlain Grou B550 is also compatible with Google Assistant, IFTTT, Key by Amazon, and Wink. Easy to install, the remotes are pre-programmed and ready to use right out of the box.


It is super quiet and won’t cause your dog to bark
The controls are very simple to use and understand
It’s compatible with several smart technology services
Occupies less space since it can be mounted on the wall
Has insulation grills that makes it safe for use in homes with kids and pets.


There are issues with connecting to the app
Most of the services require a paid subscription

5. Genie Chain Drive 750


Equipped with all the latest technology, the Genie Chain Drive 750 is affordable and reliable. The included battery backup will make sure that your garage door operates when your power is out. The ¾ HPC DC motor features a heavy-duty chain drive and is strong and durable.

Intellicode Technology

Capable of opening most seven-foot garage doors, the Genie Chain Drive 750 includes Intellicode rolling code technology, which stops unauthorized users from getting into your garage. Pre-programmed remotes help make set up quick and easy while the wall control panel includes a vacation lock and an independent light button for additional security.

Easy Installation

Using a durable five-piece rail system, this unit has snap together making installation super easy. It is lightweight and doesn’t require any additional hardware, plus the remotes are already programmed and ready to go right out of the box.


Installation is very easy, and the instructions were clear
It works well for a double door garage
This garage opener is super quiet


The rail is pretty flimsy and there are a lot of plastic parts
The clips for the buttons and sensors don’t work well

6. Chamberlain Group B1381


Secure and durable, the Chamberlain Group B1381 has bright LED lighting and a strong belt drive. Smartphone-controlled, this is a super quiet garage opener that comes with a battery backup and uses Max Lifting Power. Offering more stability than other garage openers on the market, this garage opener also offers MYQ and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Long-lasting Illumination

Providing unparalleled illumination, the Chamberlain Group B1381 has a precision-engineered and long-lasting LED system that gives you corner to corner lighting. Easily close and open your garage opener from anywhere using your smartphone.

Quiet Operations

The 1.25 HPS motor delivers a high level of lifting force for reliable and effortless performance. Super quiet, this steel-reinforced belt drive is made with high-grade materials that provide smooth and quiet performance. Using anti-vibration technology, this garage opener works well in humidity, heat, and cold.

Great Range

Using TriBand frequency remotes, the Chamberlain Group B1381 gives you a 1500-foot range for faster exits and entrances. This is an easy to install unit with safety sensors that will reverse automatically before it can cause any damage.


The app is easy to use and comes with a battery backup
The remotes have a great range
It offers effortless and reliable performance


It makes a high-pitched noise when it operates
It doesn’t work with a car visor-manufacturer opener

7. Direct Drive 1042V004


Offering a smooth and quiet performance, the Direct Drive 1042V004 uses a direct drive instead of a chain or belt drive, which is eco-friendlier and more reliable. Homelink compatible, this long-lasting produce comes with a rail and a motor that is found on the door instead of behind it. It also comes with a sensor that will detect any obstacles and transmit the information through the use of UV rays.

Easy Operation

The Direct-Drive 1042V004 can be used on two or more garages that each have a single door. Running on a 115-volt battery, this garage opener only uses three tracks and weighs just 37 pounds. It also includes a red rope that allows manual operation when necessary. The two included remotes control the door’s mechanism, plus you can also operate the garage opener with your smartphone.

Noiseless Operation

Using a ¾ HP motor, the Direct Drive 1042V004 offers a slow start that is noiseless. It also uses rolling code technology and lights up the garage when you choose the right button. The direct-drive design uses functional rails with gates that are seven to eight feet tall.


Automatically opening and reversing when obstacles are detected, the Direct Drive 1042V0004 does come with a wall mount switch to turn it on and off. This garage opener also comes with iron straps that you can use to tighten the motor to the garage door as well as a remote control and manual to help you with questions about its operation. This compact and easy to install garage opener is functional and quiet. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty


It is easy to install and Homelink compatible
This is a super quiet garage opener
The remotes come ready to use


The obstacle detector can be too sensitive
The remote has several small buttons that are hard to use

8. SKYLINK Atoms ATR-1611C


Offering extremely quiet operation, the Skylink Atoms ATR-1611C has a 1/2HPF DC Motor and chain drive and built-in LED lights. Featuring a soft-stop and soft-start, this garage door includes a one-button remote that uses rolling code technology. This is an easy to install garage opener that delivers reliable performance.

Long-lasting Illumination

The built-in 12-watt LEDs offer long-lasting illumination. The backup battery also has a built-in LED light that will keep your garage opener working in case of a power outage. The Skylink Atoms ATR-1611C Garage opener includes a patented anti-break-in chair drive that stops tampering and external access to open your garage door.

Encrypted Codes

The rolling code technology will generate unique codes for each remote activation, and the encrypted code is changed from the one used before stop a neighbor from opening your garage accidentally by using their own Skyline remote. This is a DIY friendly garage opener that uses a sectional rail for up to a seven-foot garage door.

Safety Sensors

The Skylink Atoms ATR-1611C also uses safety sensors to ensure safe operation while also helping to simplify installation without requiring drilling. All you have to do is snap the sensor to the garage door track, and you are finished.

Super Quiet Operation

With its super quiet operation, the Skylink Atoms ATR-1611C is ideal for homes that have a living space over the garage. Compatible with In-Car Remote, you won’t have to carry around extra remote if your vehicle includes a built-in In-Car Remote. And the LCD Diagnostic Display will walk you through trouble shotting and programming making it super easy to install.


It has straight forward set up
This is a compact unit that comes with a battery backup
It has several security features to keep your family safe


It struggled with a standard seven-foot door
The turnbuckle for the chain tensioner is worthless

9. Genie QuietLift Connect


Pairing a DC motor with a belt that is reinforced with steel, the Genie QuietLift Connect is super quiet and ideal for attached garages. The included Aladdin Connect smartphone technology lets you connect the garage door to the rest of the smart technology in your home. You can also use the smartphone app to set up a virtual key for each user through the app.


With the Quiet Lift Connect features, the Genie QuietLift Connect uses Intellicode rolling code technology stops unauthorized users from getting in. You also get two pre-programmed remotes to make set up fast and easy. It also comes with a wall control panel and wireless exterior keypad for additional security.

Smart Technology Compatible

Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, the Genie QuietLift Connect keeps your entire house connected. You can also use voice control with Google Assistant and Alexa using the Aladdin Connect custom skill. It also uses Intellicode rolling code technology that can keep an unauthorized person from getting in.

Easy to Install

Offering super quiet operation, this is an easy to install smart garage system that uses a durable five-piece rail system that just snaps together. It is also equipped with safety sensors that help to ensure your home’s safety and stop accidents by using an infrared beam of light across the door opening.

Adds Value to Your Home

Using a ¾ HPC DC motor, the Genie Quietlift Connect quietly and smoothly lifts a seven-foot-tall garage door that weighs up to 500 pounds. This belt drive system is reinforced with steel will add durability, strength, and value to your home. This garage door also comes with a multiple function wall console, a wireless keypad, two pre-programmed remotes, and built-in Aladdin Connect.


It has pretty quiet operation
There isn’t a subscription service for the smart home features
The remotes have a good range


Google Assistant integration is challenging

10. Liftmaster 8500


This wall mount garage opener is equipped with a powerful and strong 24-volt DC motor that offers super quiet operation. The Liftmaster 8500 is equipped with a variable speed smooth stop and start. The auto-force feature monitors the system constantly and will adjust its force to fit temperature fluctuations, door track movement, and floor height. You can also program your own security code using the MYQ control panel.

Long Life Span

Providing smooth operation and longer life, the Liftmaster 8500 is easy to connect to a power source with the included six-foot power cord. It also features safety sensors that project an invisible light beam across the opening of the garage door opening, plus it can reverse the door automatically if the beam is interrupted.

Space-Saving Design

Featuring a space-saving design, this sleek garage door opener frees up ceiling space in your garage. The LIftmaster 8500 offers a powerful performance that is durable and reliable.


The 2.0 rolling code technology produces a new code each time you use the remote control. The Liftmaster 8500 is able to run super quiet by eliminating vibrations and sound through the ceiling. This unit is not compatible with a roll-up garage door.

Easy to Install

The LIftmaster 8500 mounts easily to the wall, so you won’t have rails hanging. It also comes with an auto-force feature that will monitor the system constantly and adjust the force of the unit depending on door track movement, floor height, and temperature fluctuations.


It is very easy to install
This is a very quiet garage opener
It has a gentle stop and start


It isn’t very fast
It doesn’t have a battery backup

Quiet Garage Door Opener Buyer’s Guide

There are various reasons you’d want to find the best quiet garage door opener for your home. Whether you start work early and don’t want to wake up the family, or are just tired of the noise when you enter or leave your home each day. Today, we’re sharing all of the knowledge we’ve gathered over the years to help you break down the most important aspects you need to consider when selecting the best quiet garage door opener.

What are the Types of Quiet Garage Door Openers?

There are several different kinds of garage door openers available on the market, each with its pros and cons. There is the belt drive opener, the screw drive opener, the torsion drive opener, and the chain drive opener. This option is the main factor or component to focus on when purchasing your garage door opener. The type of opener will impact how loud the machine is.

Belt Drive Opener

The belt drive opener is pulled by a belt open and closed. It is the quietest, as there are no metal pieces to be pushed or pulled into place, but it is also the most expensive. If you are looking for a quiet garage door opener and money isn’t a problem, this is the type of garage door opener that you are going to want. It has increased in popularity over the last few years because it is quiet and efficient.

Chain Drive Opener

The chain drive opener is the louder, less expensive version of the belt drive opener. If you are looking for a quiet garage door opener, you aren’t looking at this type. Although it tends to have higher endurance, it is much louder. If your goal is quiet, this is not the garage door opener that we would recommend.

Torsion Drive Opener

The torsion drive opener is more of a specialty opener than anything else. It is best for garages with low, vaulted doors. If you can use a different type of opener, you would probably want to, but someones you need to use torsion, just because of the way your garage door was made. Above all, you have to make sure that the opener works in your garage.

Screw Drive Opener

Finally, there is the screw drive opener. The screw drive opener has largely been replaced by the belt drive opener in the market. Although it is relatively quiet, although not as quiet as the belt drive opener, it takes more work to keep maintained. It was entirely worthwhile before the invention of the belt drive opener, but now it is just the lesser product. It is not as quiet, and it breaks easier and more quickly. All the things that made it the preferable product over the screw drive opener have been made better in the belt drive opener. For this reason, it is not usually available anymore.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Quiet Garage Door Opener

quiet garage door opener wood door brick home

The size of garage space

The size of your garage is another factor to consider. You may have your heart set on the perfect silent garage door opener, but if it only works for one car garages and you have a two-car garage, you’re out of luck. Luckily, you can usually find each type of garage door opener for each size of garage.

Depending on the size of your garage, you should choose anywhere between a 1/4 HP opener to a 3/4 HP opener. Anything more than that is for a commercial establishment. If you have a one-car garage, a 1/2, 1/4 or 1/3 HP will work, although the smaller you go, the slower and more quieter your garage door will be. If you’re going to be opening and closing your garage many times a day, you may want to spring for a 1/3 or 1/2 HP opener.

If you have a two-car garage, you will need a higher-powered opener. When you get to heavier doors, you will want to invest in a 3/4 HP opener. Although they are louder, a 1/4 or 1/3 HP won’t get the door up.

Motor Type

AC or DC motor is an important factor in your choice, as well. A DC motor is quieter in general, although an AC motor may be better for people who use their garage door opener many times a day. A DC motor is quieter, and they tend to have better electrical uses. If at all possible, a DC motor is the way to go.

Other Considerations

Other features that you might want to keep in mind have less of an effect on how quiet the door is but are important, nevertheless. Is it important that your garage door is controlled by your phone, or does that not matter to you? Do you want a backup battery in case the power goes out, or is the power very stable in your area? Different garage door openers have different options and add-ons. Make sure you do proper research into the extra features on the garage door opener you want. Even if you don’t use or want a feature, you’ll still be paying for it.

Quiet Garage Door Opener FAQs

Is it easy to install a quiet garage door opener?

This question depends on the garage door opener. If you want one with easy installation, you’ll need to focus on that while you are searching for an opener. Usually, this will be a selling point, so you will be aware of how easy it is to install the opener you are purchasing.

How do I know what HP I need?

The HP you need depends on the size and weight of your garage door. If you have a two-car garage, or your garage is over 500 pounds, you will want to switch to a higher HP.

Can I find a screw drive opener and use it over the other types of openers?

You can, although you will have fewer options, and it may be more frustrating to look for and purchase a screw drive opener that is a good fit for you.

Final Thoughts

Garage openers don’t get the consideration that they deserve. Often an after-thought, we often choose loud and poorly constructed garage openers that we learn to hate.

Not anymore. These days you can buy noiseless garage openers thanks to the multiple motor choices on the market as well as added features that help to reduce the typical garage opener noise. Check out the products above to find the best durable and quiet garage door opener for your home.

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