Best Garage Shelving – Buyer’s Guide


Best Garage Shelving of 2019

Product HxWxDMaximum loadShelves count 
Edsal TRK-602478W5 Heavy Duty Steel Shelving
Adjustable wire shelves, Stacked or side-by-side organization
Editor’s Choice
74"x60"x24"1000 lbs. per shelf5Check Price
Excel ES-602472P
Adjustable wire shelves, Adjustable leveling feet
72"x60"x24"600 lbs. per shelf4Check Price
Edsal URWM184872BK Black Steel Storage Rack
Adjustable board shelves, Stacked or side-by-side organization
72"x48"x18"4000 lbs. total5Check Price
Homdox 5-Shelf Shelving Unit
Adjustable wire shelves, Wheels
61"x29"x14"66 lbs. per shelf,
330 lbs. total
5Check Price
Seville Classics Commercial 7-Tier NSF 16 Bin Racks
Wire shelves, 16 gray bins in three different sizes, Wheels
56"x36"x14"150 lbs. per shelf7Check Price
FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Pack 24×72-inch Wall Shelf
Wire shelves
--x72"x24"200 lbs. per shelf2Check Price
FLEXIMOUNTS 4ft-by-8ft Overhead Storage Rack
Wire shelve
40"x96"x48"600 lbs. total1Check Price

1. Edsal TRK-602478W5 Heavy Duty Steel Shelving – Largest Garage Shelving

As a company, Edsal has been around for over fifty providing a wide range of storage products for every type of market. Whether you need storage for the home, office, or work site, Edsal has something in their lineup that will satisfy your needs. Of course, sometimes you have an overwhelming amount of things that you simply need off the floor and organized on shelves. That is where this product comes into play as it is the largest shelving unit on our list.

This product features five shelves with each shelf offering five feet by two feet worth of surface area for whatever items you may need to store. Keep in mind, there were a couple other products we reviewed that could match the length of this Edsal’s shelves, but few could compete with the depth. This makes this shelving unit ideal for even the largest items you have.

Of course, when storing large, bulky items, it is important to ensure that your shelving can also handle the weight of those items as well. Unlike smaller shelves which are likely to hold numerous smaller items, the uncommon depth of this shelf means you are likely to be tempted to store heavy, dense items on it. Thankfully, this Edsal shelving offers 1,000 pounds of evenly distributed weight capacity – per shelf. So long as you are not storing gold or lead blocks, you should not have any worries about the weight of the large items this shelving unit is designed to store either.

Keeping that in mind, it is important to note that this shelving unit does not feature a center brace running along or across the individual shelving grates. This means that if you place too heavy of an object in the center of the grate, it is possible the wire mesh will bow or bend. This is in part due to the fact that the steel used for this Edsal is not the thickest gauge with only 16 gauge along the wire mesh and 14 gauge along the steel supports.

Still, this shelving unit offers a number of other benefits. For one, this is the only shelving unit we reviewed which featured a small lip at the edge of the wire grates. This lip will prevent any objects from rolling or slipping off of the shelf on their own. The shelves themselves are held in place by a dual rivet locking system which can be adjusted every 1.5” This provides the freedom to decide the height of each shelf as best suits your needs.

On top of that, this shelving unit can be arranged as either a vertical or horizontal shelving unit. This is because the Edsal is actually two separate shelving units that are held in place by a connector. The only potential issue with this is that the requires the use of a rubber mallet to snap everything in place. If you are not careful you could damage the support beams. The process also has a tendency to dislodge previously secured beams as your progress.

  • Offers the most storage space we saw
  • Offers the best weight capacity we saw
  • Shelves have a lip to prevent falls
  • Shelves can be adjusted
  • Couplings are a reasonably durable
  • Powder coat finish resists corrosion
  • A bit more expensive than others
  • Steel frame is not the thickest gauge
  • Does not have wheels for easy movement
  • Shelves do not have center beam
  • Vertical connector is difficult

2. Excel ES-602472P – Most Durable Garage Shelving

Excel has not been in business nearly as long as some of the other brands on our list, but they have managed to impress relatively quickly along the way. Founded in 2003, Excel Hardware was actually originated as a tool storage company, specializing in everything from toolboxes to tool cabinets to tool chests. From that start, the company began to expand into a number of different storage product markets.

As a company that began manufacturing storage solutions for professionals in heavy duty industries, that same philosophy runs through their other products as well – even if the target demographic is not always quite so demanding. As such, it should come as little surprise that the Excel shelving unit is the most durable we reviewed. This is accomplished in a few ways.

First, this shelving unit easily features the best supports we saw. Made from powder coated steel, these rods are not made like the somewhat thin supports most of the other products on this list. Instead, the supports feature a thicker, cylindrical shape to provide superior structural integrity. Moreover, the wire shelves are some of the few we saw which utilized a central reinforced support. This will help prevent the shelves from bowing or bending when heavier items are placed on it.

While this shelving unit provides nowhere near as much weight capacity as our largest reviewed product, it does still offer a decent capacity at 600 pounds per shelf. In terms of total storage area, this shelving unit does offer significant room per shelf as one of the few products with shelves measuring five feet by two feet. That said, the Excel is also one of the traditional shelving units that offer less than five shelves in total.

While this may make it ideal for storing large items, if you do not need four shelves’ worth of large item storage, you may feel like there is a lot of wasted, open space. Another quality about the Excel that can be a bit disappointing is the lack of wheels. This makes it exceedingly difficult to move the shelving unit after it has already been constructed. It does provide self-levelling feet with internal springs, but they are a bit hit or miss and do not assist with moving the unit.

In terms of construction, this is a fairly easy shelving unit to install requiring no tools and fairly easily accomplished by a single person. One thing to note is that this is the only product we reviewed which uses plastic wedges to lock the shelves into place. While the plastic is generally durable enough to withstand some abuse, it can be somewhat tricky getting it to stay in place during the installation, potentially requiring numerous tries before you get it level and secure.

  • Provides a decent amount of storage space
  • Offers a good weight capacity
  • Can adjust the shelves
  • One of the easier installations
  • Powder coated steel resists corrosion
  • Steel supports are thick
  • Wire grates feature center support
  • One of the less expensive shelves we saw
  • Does not have as many shelves as others
  • Plastic wedges can be a bit finicky
  • Does not come with wheels
  • Uses poor shipping services

3. Edsal URWM184872BK Black Steel Storage Rack – Best Budget Garage Shelving

Though Edsal has been in existence for more than half a century, the company has gone through a few rebranding efforts. Whereas once it was known for providing heavy duty products, these days Edsal services all segments of the storage market. For this product, the target demographic is definitely the consumer market.

This product offers a decent amount of storage space. While not as robust as some, the four feet by one and half foot shelves are still reasonably large – especially when compared to some of the other products we reviewed. The fact that this shelving unit offers five shelves is also nice. This product also offers the second best weight capacity we saw.

At 800 pounds per shelf, you can store plenty of heavy items without too much worry. That being said, the shelves do leave a bit to be desired. This is mostly due to the fact that the shelves are made from particle board. While the particle board is not cheap or flimsy, it does still come with the caveats that all fibrous shelving units do. Specifically, these shelves will not stand the test of time in damp areas and are not at all appropriate for storing items which may leak drip liquids onto them.

The fact that the shelves are made from particle board combined with the absence of a central support also means that when holding especially heavy or dense objects, the shelves may bow in the middle. This prospect is made all the more unsettling by the fact the the unit is actually a two in one. While this is nice in that it offers the option of using this shelving unit either vertically or horizontally, it does not provide a securing piece to do so.

As such, you will simply have to line the two shelving halves up and hope that they do not fall. Considering this product is designed to hold heavier items, that prospect can easily make someone a bit unsure about its stability. Still, you can adjust the shelf heights using a sturdy, dual rivet locking system, offering flexibility in terms of the shelf heights.

  • One of the least expensive garage shelves
  • Provides a decent amount of storage space
  • Offers a solid weight capacity
  • Can adjust the shelves
  • One of the easier installations
  • Powder coated steel resists corrosion
  • Steel frame is not the thickest gauge
  • Does not have wheels for easy movement
  • Shelves are made out of particle board
  • Shelf beams will bow in the center
  • No brace for the two stacked units
  • Shelves do not have center beam

4. Homdox 5-Shelf Shelving Unit – Best Rolling Garage Shelving

Homdox is one of the few brands on our list that does not specialize specifically in storage products. While other brands might offer a range of storage options that go beyond shelving, Homdox offers a full suite of products for the homeowner market including furniture, outdoor supplies, and kitchen appliances. That said, their market focus does mean that the brand will not provide the same heavy duty shelving units that some others offer.

In fact, this shelving unit provides the least amount of storage out of any product we reviewed. In terms of surface area, the shelves are less that three feet long and just over one foot in depth. There are five shelves total, which is better than some, but they cannot handle the same weight as other products either. Each shelf with this unit has a maximum weight capacity of only sixty six pounds. Ultimately, this shelf is designed more for light storage of smaller items.

One area where this shelving unit easily bests all the others we saw was in terms of positioning. This product is by far the lightest we reviewed at nineteen pounds. This is also one of the few shelves we saw with wheels attached. Combined, you can easily construct this shelving unit in one place and transport it to another without having to disassemble it – though the unit should not be moved when heavily laden.

  • Wheels make positioning easy
  • One of the least expensive garage shelves
  • Shelves can be adjusted
  • No tools required for installation
  • Iron supports are strong
  • Lightweight for easier positioning
  • Metal grates are reasonably durable
  • Does not offer the most storage space
  • Does not provide the best weight capacity
  • Shelves are secured with plastic clips
  • Wheels do not roll smoothly

5. Seville Classics Commercial 7-Tier NSF 16 Bin Racks – Best Bin Rack Garage Shelving System

Seville Classics is one of the older brands on our list which has built up quite a reputation for specializing in storage and organization products. This brand also makes it a point to appeal to broad markets, allowing it to offer high end products for commercial and industrial applications. Still, the company makes it a point to provide storage solutions for all situations.

In this product’s case, the shelving unit is designed to store numerous smaller items. This is most easily recognized by the inclusion of various bins. The Seville Classics provides 16 bins in all – offering different sizes as well as removable dividers for custom bin storage. If you want, you can also remove some or all of the bins and simply use this shelving unit as a traditional shelf.

In terms of durability, the Seville Classics is a bit of a mixed bag. The supports that hold the structure up are made from 1” thick steel making some of the most durable we saw. This shelving unit also uses a platinum powder coat which is better at preventing corrosion than most other powder coats reviewed. That said, the bins are made out of polypropylene plastic which is not especially durable, limiting their effectiveness when storing heavier or metal objects.

  • Comes with 16 bins of different sizes
  • Can be used as basic shelving
  • Wheels make positioning easy
  • Platinum powder coat prevents corrosion
  • Includes labels and removable bin dividers
  • Uses 1” steel supports
  • Shelves are heavy duty wire grates
  • Shelves can be adjusted
  • No tools required for installation
  • The most expensive garage shelving we reviewed
  • Does not offer the most storage space
  • Polypropylene bins are not the most durable
  • Does not provide the best weight capacity
  • Optional feet feel a bit wobbly

6. FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Pack 24×72-inch Wall Shelf – Best Wall Mounted Garage Shelving

Like many other brands on our list, FLEXIMOUNTS specializes in storage and shelving products. Unlike the other companies we saw though, FLEXIMOUNTS only offers products that are installed and positioned off of the floor. Easily the most common type of shelving unit that fits this bill is the wall mounted shelving unit. In this regard, FLEXIMOUNTS has provided an excellent quality in this market – a market which often finds the products lacking in heavy duty robustness.

This product will ultimately be judged against dissimilar competition, but it should also be understood for what it is. This is important because compared to a traditional shelving unit, the FLEXIMOUNTS wall mount does not offer a great deal of storage space or weight capacity. That being said, each of these shelves do offer six feet of length by two feet of depth. This actually makes these the longest shelves we reviewed – even if there are only two.

Also, while the 200 pound weight capacity is not great compared to standard shelving units, it is extremely impressive for a wall mounted shelving unit. Part of this is likely due to the fact that the FLEXIMOUNTS wall mount uses significantly higher gauged fastening hardware to mount their product than most other wall mount shelving units.

  • Fairly easy for a one-man install
  • Protects from potential water damage
  • Takes up less functional space
  • Grid shelf formation is better
  • Made from cold rolled steel
  • Uses higher gauged hardware than others
  • Powder coated to resist corrosion
  • Does not offer the most storage space
  • Does not provide the best weight capacity
  • One of the more expensive products
  • Not appropriate for all stud arrangements

7. FLEXIMOUNTS 4ft-by-8ft Overhead Storage Rack – Best Overhead Garage Shelving

As a company which specializes in storage and shelving products which are not built from the ground up, you should expect some unique products in the FLEXIMOUNTS lineup. In this case, there are fewer shelving units more unique than this one. This product is designed to fasten to the overhead support beams that line your structure’s roof.

This can be a great thing, but it can also be a bit of a pain. In terms of storage space, this FLEXIMOUNTS shelving unit offers a large eight foot by four foot storage area. On top of that, these shelves are also rated to hold 600 pounds. Though, it should be noted that you will need at least almost two feet of drop down clearance as well as 8’9” of horizontal clearance.

This means your space will need to be fairly large to support this shelving unit. Even more tricky, the supports of this product are spaced specifically. While this generally lines up with most construction standards, it is not ubiquitous and some people may find this product does not properly brace for their garage.

Still, the ability to protect your stored items from people and the environment offers enough advantages that it may be worth the effort. Of course, that effort comes both beforehand and afterwards. First, installing this product is definitely a two person job and may require a professional. Second, once you have finished installing this shelving unit, you will likely need a ladder to store or retrieve your items.

  • Protects from potential water damage
  • Takes up less functional space
  • Grid shelf formation is better
  • Made from cold rolled steel
  • Uses higher gauged hardware than others
  • Powder coated to resist corrosion
  • Uses a modular design
  • More intensive installation than others
  • One of the more expensive garage shelves
  • Center portion bows more than desired
  • Reinforced beam sold separately
  • Not appropriate for all joist designs
  • Retrieving stored items more difficult

Buyer’s Guide


Shelves come in a number of different profiles. Each of these profiles has their advantages and disadvantages, but most importantly, each of these profiles have their situational use. Even if the advantages of one type are appealing, make sure your space is suited for that type or you may end up with shelving you cannot use.

Standard – This is the most common type of shelving units made and can be found in virtually avery setting. Generally, these shelving units feature a four post construction upon which numerous shelves are positioned. This type of shelving unit can generally hold the heaviest loads, but it does leave your stored items exposed to others or the elements.

Standard Garage Shelving

Wall Mount – After the standard type, wall mounts are the next most common type of shelving unit. These shelves are extremely convenient as they can be mounted anywhere you have studs or other bracing supports and keep your stored items off of the ground. Unfortunately, these shelving units also provide the lowest weight capacity.

Wall Mounted Garage Shelving

Overhead – Overhead shelving units strike something of a balance between the wall mount and the standard type. These shelves will be secured from the ceiling support beams of a roof. This provides better security for larger weight capacities and also allows them to provide larger storage surface area than wall mounts. Another bonus is that they keep your stored items secure from both other people as well as the elements. The main issue with this type of shelving is that it is more difficult to install and makes retrieving the stored items more of a pain as well. They are also often more expensive than other shelving unit types.

Overhead Garage Shelving


While a shelf may be extremely large, that does not mean it can handle all of the different items you may want to store on it. For instance, if you are looking to keep bags of concrete off of the ground, you will need to make sure the shelves can handle the weight capacity. Assuming you take care of the space requirements, this is arguably the next most important quality of a shelving unit.


Different shelving units will offer more or less space and in different configurations. One thing that affects this is the number of actual shelves that come with the unit. Another factor to consider is along what increments of size the shelves can be adjusted – if any.

While it might be necessary to seek the most storage space possible, you will also want to make sure that the shelving unit fits in the area you intend to place it. If you can, shelving units with wheels will allow you some leeway when figuring that last part out.


Depending on the space you have and the items you need to store, not all garage shelving will suit your needs best. That being said, the best bet, assuming you have the available room, is to look for the largest shelving unit with the highest weight capacity.

In this regard, there is not product that we saw better than the Edsal TRK-602478W5. With five different shelves measuring five feet by two feet, this unit provide the most surface area we saw. Combine that with the 1000 pounds per shelf weight capacity, and this unit can comfortably store more than any other reviewed.

If you are looking for something a bit more budget friendly, Edsal once again comes to the rescue with the URWM184872BK. While not the largest, this shelving unit is still one of the more spacious we reviewed and offers the second highest weight capacity. Though, the particle board shelves do limit the setting and items it can store for long periods of time.

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    When I was deciding what garage storage shelves to use in my home, I did the hardcore research. Weight capacity, engineering, appearance, safety…everything. I decided to go with Rhino Shelf ( because the engineering is spot on. I called and asked a ton of questions and they were happy to sit and talk with me for as long as I liked. It was easy to install too. It got my stuff up off the floor, didn’t compromise my ceiling, and is made in America. I’m sure happy with it. Please add them to your future reviews. If you know anything about construction or engineering, you’ll love them.

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    Auxx-Lift is hands-down the best ceiling to floor automated lift over any other brand: 600lbs capacity @ 4’x8′ – you should add them to your review.

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