Best Insulation For Garage Door – Buyer’s Guide


Best insulation for garage door

Several hours a day, some folks spend time in the garage either for woodworking, automotive maintenance, or simply lifting weights. Unfortunately, space can get uncomfortable. Particularly if the door is uninsulated. What else can you expect from doors made of aluminum, steel or wood materials? Temperature regulation isn’t efficient. If you have a single or double door garage and want it insulated, here is a review of 10 best insulations for garage doors and a buyer’s guide.

Best Insulation For Garage Door of 2019

AES – Double Car Garage Door Insulation Foam Core Kit Reflective White Platinum
(Editor’s Choice)
16ft x 7ft$$Check Price
USEP – Overhead Door Double Car Garage Door Insulation Foam Core Kit Reflective White16ft x 7ft$$Check Price
USEP – Overhead Door 2 Car Supershield Reflective Garage Door Insulation kit18ft x 7ft$$Check Price
AES – Two Car Garage Door Insulation Foam Kit White16ft x 8ft$$Check Price
USEP – Reflective Foam Core Garage Door Insulation Panels White16ft x 8ft$$$Check Price
USEP – Garage Door Insulation Kit Reflective Foam18ft x 8ft$$$Check Price
AES – Single Car Garage Door Insulation Foam Core Kit Reflective White Platinum9ft x 7ft$Check Price
AES – One Car Garage Door Insulation Foam Kit White8ft x 8ft$Check Price
AES – Commercial Warehouse Garage Door Insulation Foam Core Kit Reflective Platinum14ft x 14ft$$$$Check Price
AES – Commercial Warehouse Garage Door Insulation Foam Core Kit Reflective Platinum12ft x 12ft$$$$Check Price

1. AES – Double Car Garage Door Insulation Foam Core Kit (16ft x 7ft) Reflective White Platinum – Best All Round

This barrier insulation foam core product by AES is manufactured in the US with a design that fits double garage doors of specification 16ft by 7ft. The insulation capacity is through its Reflective White platinum or foil side ideal for significantly regulating the temperature within an hour or less after installation.

The Double Car Garage Door Insulation Foam Core Kit, 16ft by 7ft, Reflective White Platinum has a construction that fits a door with four panels, that is, four horizontal rows high. Luckily, it is also availed in custom sizes. If your door has five or more panels than the four this product comes with, you can custom order one that is appropriate.

Bear in mind that this will attract extra costs.

The kit has everything you need for swift installation. The package contains the panels, four rolls of double-sided GDK tape each measuring 16ft by 21 inches and an insulation manual with procedural instructions.

Considering how it increases the R-Value and the E-Value and the easy and cleanable surface, it comes highly recommended for insulating your double garage door.

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  • It is made in the US
  • Fast and easy installation
  • It substantially increases the R-Value
  • Good customer service
  • The product is vulnerable to breaking
  • User claim they noted no big difference in insulation

2. USEP – Overhead Door Double Car Garage Door Insulation Foam Core Kit (up to a 16ft) Reflective White – Best in Full Coverage

The USEP Overhead Door Double Car Garage Door Insulation Foam Core Kit is another reflective insulation kit that features 16ft by 7ft dimensions. The design promises full coverage of double car garage doors. Like the previous product, it is manufactured in the United States in the long line of America’s favorite brands of energy products.

The product comes with a reflective foam core insulation, it is lightweight, waterproof and flexible, which makes its handling convenient. This makes installation quick and easy in an hour or less.

Installed correctly, the product guarantees a substantial reduction in energy costs of up to 20 percent. With this product, you also get to enjoy other benefits like the dramatic reduction of radiant heat by 95 percent or more, and a 50 percent plus reduction of surface heat. Thanks to its advanced technology, which also enhances the regulation of noise.

If you are looking for a product that will significantly reduce the noise in your garage, one that maintains the appropriate temperatures during summer or winter, this is the product to go with. It is a step closer to increasing your garage’s R-Value.

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  • Lightweight, flexible and easy to install
  • Sound and waterproof
  • High radiant heat reflection capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • The foil is thin and susceptible to tear
  • You will need another kit if your garage door fits more than five panels

3. USEP – Overhead Door 2 Car Supershield Reflective Garage Door Insulation kit (18ft x 7ft) – Best Budget Garage Door Insulation

The USEP – Overhead Door 2 Car Supershield Reflective Garage Door Insulation kit will transform your garage into an elegant, finely polished and energy efficient one. It guarantees protection from locking out in garages from the winter cold as well as the summer humidity. Nothing beats the comfort this insulation kit provides you while you exercise or carry out woodworks.

The rate of radiant heat reflection is high. The drafts between panels are greatly reduced and the garage’s door R-Value significantly elevated up to 6.5. The kit fits doors of measurements 18” by 7” and it packs a design idea that will allow you to reduce your heating and cooling bills.

It also rids your garage of noise pollution and lower surface temperatures to a great extent. The insulation foam core is laminated and sandwiched between two layers of barrier foils that facilitates radiant heat reflection.

The product is highly durable, resistant to puncture, and is waterproof. The kit contains everything you need for installation including a roll of 2-sided military grade tape, 4 rolls of the Supershield Reflective, a squeegee, a razor, as well as an instruction manual for easy installation.

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  • Highly durable, soundproof and resistant to water
  • Easy to use and install
  • High energy efficiency
  • Made in the USA
  • Only available with 4 panels, which isn’t ideal for those with larger doors
  • The tape is difficult to use for first-time users

4. AES – Two Car Garage Door Insulation Foam Kit (16ft x 8ft) White – Best Two Door Garage Insulation Kit

Available as the Precut model of 16 panels, this AES – Two Car Garage Door Insulation Foam Kit comes as a complete DIY garage door kit. The design is perfect for a double garage with doors measuring 16ft by 18ft. The installation of the kit with the white part facing outside allows radiant heat reflection leading to a controlled heat environment in your garage.

The product features a design with two layers of reflective barrier foils and a laminated foam core sitting between them. Drafts from outside, as a result, is significantly reduced. It lowers and enhances the surface rate emittance and blocks up to 95 percent of radiant heat. Installed appropriately, you can enjoy a reduced cost of energy bills and optimal comfort in your garage.

The purchase comes with complete accessories required for installation. Inside are 16 pre-cut 24” and a 48” 1/4 foam core. One side is white while the other consists of insulation sheets. Also included is a double sided military type tape, which is highly resistant to elements.

The product is resistant to water and puncture. It is easy to clean, use, and install. There is no requirement for protective gear or the use of complicated tools to fix it to your garage door. If you want an increased R-Value and E-Value on your two-door garage, this is the product to go with.

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  • Made in the US
  • Has a long lifespan
  • Thermal performance is improved significantly
  • It is soundproof and waterproof
  • Not as efficient as advertised
  • Installation of the pre-cut pieces might take much longer

5. USEP – Reflective Foam Core Garage Door Insulation Kit (16ft x 8ft) 5 panel White – Best Soundproof Kit

The USEP Reflective Foam Core Garage Door Insulation Kit has similar features like the AES Double Car Garage Door Insulation Foam Core Kit (16ft by 7ft) Reflective White Platinum except for its measurements and the panel number. It is a 5-panel insulation kit, unlike the AES product, which has four panels. It is designed to keep hot air inside during the cold season and cool air during summer months.

The product was constructed with a 16ft by 8ft garage door in mind. It also features a Low-E reflective foam core, which has double sides and is ideal for a substantial reduction of drafts. As a result, the R-Value of the door is increased.

If you worry that the foam core panels will not be suitable for your garage door, you can custom order a different kit or panels that are more appropriate. The purchase includes a double-sided tape, which enables quick and efficient installation within an hour or less.

The polished look it gives your garage door, the energy efficiency, and the ability to reduce noise are all features worth not passing up. The product, therefore, comes highly recommended.

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  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Gives your garage an excellent look
  • Reduces garage noise
  • The foil is rather thin and not durable enough
  • Not highly efficient in insulating the garage
  • More expensive than the other insulating kits

6. USEP – Garage Door Insulation Kit Reflective Foam (18ft x 8ft) – Best for Energy Efficiency

The USEP Garage Door Insulation Kit Reflective Foam is another product made in the United States with amazing functionality and energy efficiency. It is made of a stylish reflective foam that will create a comfortable environment for woodworks and automotive repairs among other projects done in the garage. The panels will fit doors of up to 18 feet wide and 8 feet tall.

With an ideal R-Value, which is safe for children and pets, it effectively creates an air pocket that successfully reduces drafts. It promises optimum temperature regulation regardless of whether it is winter or summer. The installation is easy and you will need no sophisticated tools during the process, only a cutting tool. Setting it up only takes less than an hour.

The product fits double car garage doors and they come in a panel of five. Alternatively, you can opt for the 4-panel installation kit. It is also available. The insulation panels are lightweight, flexible for convenience in installation, and easy to clean.

The USEP Garage Door Insulation Kit Reflective Foam is not your ordinary type of insulation for garages. it will help you save on energy costs and it requires virtually no maintenance. This is one reason why you should get it.

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  • Energy efficient
  • It is made of a material which is easy to clean
  • Easy to use and install
  • It is expensive

7. AES – Single Car Garage Door Insulation Foam Core Kit (9ft x 7ft) Reflective White Platinum – Best Single Garage Door Kit

If what you seek is a single car garage door insulation kit, this particular product is your option. It features a reflective insulation and is solely manufactured in the US for doors measuring 9 feet in length and a height of 8 feet. It has a white finish on one side and the other side a foil. The two sides work together to effectively reflect radiant heat, keeping your garage door free of intense humidity during summer and cold when winter comes.

This insulation kit is also available in custom sizes for various sizes and types of garage doors. All you have to do is provide the specification of your door and have it custom made and delivered. The AES Single Car Garage Door Insulation Foam Core Kit, however, comes with four panels.

Upon its purchase and installation, you can enjoy an improved thermal performance, E-Value and an R-Value on your garage door, which is ideal for anyone and anything around you. Why not cut your costs of energy bills by installing it?

The product is available in an all-in-one package with everything you require to fully insulate your garage in 60 minutes or less. It includes a double-sided tape and a step by step instruction manual to guide you through the installation process. Anybody who has used it will recommend it to you.

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  • Highly regulates the garage’s thermal performance
  • Installs in an hour or less
  • Made in the US
  • No reviews to know its downsides

8. AES – One Car Garage Door Insulation Foam Kit (8ft x 8ft) White – Best DIY Insulation Kit

If you are hunting for a top-quality product with excellent specifications, you should end your search with the AES One Car Garage Door Insulation Foam Kit. This is one insulation model with a lofty sensation appropriate to your needs. Made in the US, the product is engineered with all the particulars for convenience during installation.

It is a one door kit for your garage if you have a single car. With square measurements of the same length and width, it is ideal for your small door one car garage and it provides all the insulation capacities everyone envies. Unlike the reflective models, it comes with one white side design to face outside, and the other side a panel for insulation.

The product doesn’t come as a whole. It is a pre-cut 8-panel insulation foam, which is the best choice for enthusiasts and the do it yourself folks. The kit comes with the 8 pre-cut panels, and a double-sided military grade element-resistant tape to facilitate easy fixing.

The AES One Car Garage Door Insulation Foam Kit does wonders and you will be happy using it. Why opt for lower-end products that do not provide the energy efficiency you require? It comes highly recommended.

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  • It packs excellent insulation capacities
  • Easy to handle measurements
  • It is a DIY kit; you can customize it whichever way you want
  • You will require an extra kit if your door has more than four panels
  • Despite efforts to make it durable, it still is vulnerable to tear

9. AES – Commercial Warehouse Garage Door Insulation Foam Core Kit (14ft x 14ft) Reflective Platinum – Best for Business Warehouse Insulation

Your home garages aren’t the only places that need proper insulation; warehouse garage doors can also benefit from the energy efficiency heat insulators provide. The AES Commercial Warehouse Garage Door Insulation Foam Core Kit is tailored towards business owners or individuals with storage spaces. This is particularly the case if your door is a square with equal length and width of 14 feet.

The product is one merchandise worth investing in. It comes with seven panels, to be fixed in 7 rows high and its foam core comes laminated between its two layers of barrier foils. Your commercial garage door will be completely transformed with an amazing finish and a product that will reflect radiant heat to a great extent.

Its capability lets you enjoy lower heating and cooling bills not to mention how safe whatever you store in the space will be. Despite its size, it still comes easy to install; a process you can pull off without any protective gear. It has little to no maintenance costs and is highly resistant to water, sound, and puncture.

Meeting the industrial fire compliance standards, it is safe, has a commendable lifespan with no surface burn rate emittance, why wouldn’t anyone recommend it?

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  • Equipped with a noise reduction technology
  • Has zero surface burn rate emittance
  • Simple and easy to fix it in place
  • Highly resistant, is durable, and will last long
  • Ideal for large garage doors only. Cutting it to fit smaller doors can lead to wastage of good material.
  • It is expensive

10. AES – Commercial Warehouse Garage Door Insulation Foam Core Kit (12ft x 12ft) Reflective Platinum – Best for Warehouse Noise Reduction

Slightly cheaper and smaller than the above commercial garage door fixture, the AES – Commercial Warehouse Garage Door Insulation Foam Core Kit is another bundle you shouldn’t pass up. With inherent water resistance, noise reduction, a fixed R-value, excellent sturdiness, and amazing dimensional stability, this insulation kit has so much to offer.

Not only will your garage be transitioned into a beautiful storage space, but you will also carry out your operations in silence and comfort. It measures 12ft wide and 12ft tall. This means you can install the 6 panels in a 6-row high order. It also has its insulating core sandwiched between two barrier foils.

The purchase comes with a panel and everything you need to have it quickly fixed and installed. Through its zero surface rate emittance and the reduction of heat by up to 95 percent, you can significantly save several bucks on energy bills.

The panels require no maintenance and are highly durable. It promises long life and will ensure that the thermal performance of your commercial garage is enhanced. It, therefore, comes highly recommended.

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  • The kit promises long life
  • Greatly reduces cooling and heating losses
  • The panels are soundproof
  • It is a bit expensive for a garage door insulator

Best Insulation For Garage Door – Buyer’s Guide

Best insulation for garage doorGarage door insulation is a great way to slow the transfer of heat. Heat travels from where it is hot to where it is cold. This is a basic law of thermodynamics studied widely. Most garages have issues. They are not appropriately heated or cooled. Few can afford to ensure that the temperatures are regulated by extending the air conditioning into the garage. This is why most are on the lookout for a garage door insulation kit they can afford.

Making a decision on the best garage door insulation is no easy task; not with the many options available on the market. Lots of folks have no idea where to start. What should you consider in choosing one that meets all your needs? Here are some things you should factor in before making the purchase.

Type of Insulation

The garage door insulations are available in three types:

1. Reflective Foils

They are available in rolls. How do they regulate temperature? The foils create air pockets and with most having an R6 value, the thermal performance is greatly improved. The reflective foils require adhesives for efficient installation on the garage doors. They are the cheapest option.

2. Foam

The foam insulation is mainly a product of polystyrene. The foams are available as large panels or sheets, which are often cut to fit the desired door measurement. Its R-value is better than that of reflective foams.

3. DIY Foam Kit

This type of insulation is pre-cut and they have an even better R-value. You can trim them depending on the dimensions of your garage door. Usually, they are the easiest to install and will take less than an hour.


Many people disregard this factor, oblivious of the fact that the additional weight may lead to a garage door imbalance. As a result, you may be required to make adjustments of the spring if you can’t get ahold of a garage door expert.


R-value is defined as the measure of heat or thermal resistance, or simply the transfer of heat from hot to cold areas. The higher the R-value is, the greater the efficiency of insulation. This value is dependent on various factors like thickness and the density. What you should consider is ideally the best or the highest R-Value as possible.

How Does Garage Door Insulation Work?

Best insulation for garage doorGarage door insulation panels slow the conduction of heat, and possibly the convection heat flow. Equipped with radiant barriers and reflective capabilities, the radiant heat gain is significantly reduced through reflection. The surface doing the reflection must face outside for more effectiveness. The heat constantly moves from hot areas to cold regions, until there is no more thermal difference.

How Should You Insulate Your Garage Door?

Before doing the insulation, do the math. Does it fit your budget? Is it worth it? What type of garage door do you have? What are its measurements? After that, follow the following procedure.

  1. Gather the appropriate gear or things – These are the insulation kit, which corresponds to the size of your door, a measuring tape and a cutting tool like a knife or a sharp blade.
  2. Make appropriate measurements – After gathering all the materials, take your measuring tape and make estimates of the wooden or the metal garage door. Then cut the panel appropriately. It is vital to add a few inches on top for complete coverage. Also, ensure that the sheet has no holes, else the whole process will be a waste of time.
  3. Finalize the setup – Repeat the first and second procedures for all the panels until the whole garage door is covered. Eventually, you will have a soundproof, waterproof, and garage, which is properly insulated.


Insulating your garage has many benefits. With the best insulation for garage doors, you can transform your home into an energy efficient one. You can enjoy carrying out your projects if you install them correctly. Although the choice of an insulation kit that meets your needs is hard, hopefully, the review and the buyer’s guide has helped you narrow down your choices. Bear in mind that whichever kit you choose you should ensure it is properly installed.

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