Best Epoxy Paint For Garage Floor – Buyer’s Guide


Best Epoxy Paint For Garage FloorHomeowners and business owners sometimes need to add a fresh coat of paint to a concrete floor, brick walkway, or other hard flooring surface. Choosing an epoxy or acrylic with added epoxy for such a project is always a better choice than ordinary wall paint. The epoxy, when added to acrylic formulations, adds durability and sheen. More importantly, it provides a flexibility that allows the paint to handle foot and even vehicle traffic. It also protects the surface from spills.

Painting a floor requires choosing the right product for the desired result. Knowing the color, color intensity, and sheen desired will partially determine which type of product to choose. This buyer’s guide reviews some of the five best products for painting garages, basements, walkways, and driveways, and offers some insights into the different available options.

Best Epoxy Paint For Garage Floor of 2020

Product DurabilityDrying time 
KILZ 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic Paint (Editor’s Choice)
Resistance: hot tire, scuffing, fading, cracking, peeling and blistering
Colors: silver gray, slate gray
High24-48 hoursCheck Price
Coloredepoxies Black Epoxy Resin
Resistance: UV, water, mold and mildew
Colors: 18
High-Check Price
RUST-OLEUM Epoxy Shield Concrete Floor Paint
Resistance: UV, water, hot tires, chemicals
Colors: gray, light gray
--Check Price
AdCoat Garage Floor and Driveway Epoxy Paint
Resistance: water, hot tires, oil
Colors: gray, light gray
-7 daysCheck Price
United Gilsonite Labs Drylock 1-Part Epoxy Floor Paint
Resistance: UV, water, chemicals, hot tires, oil, grease
Colors: many
--Check Price

1. KILZ 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic Paint – Best 1-Part Epoxy for Household Use


Kilz 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic Paint is a durable water-based floor paint with a satin finish from a trusted brand that has been making primers and paints for four decades. It comes in one-gallon cans, and this particular product is specifically designed for painting concrete, stone, brick, and masonry. It comes in two different colors: silver-gray and slate gray.


One gallon provides coverage for 400 to 500 feet of smooth flooring. More product is required for rough surfaces. A gallon covers 300 to 400 feet on rougher surfaces like driveways or walkways.

Two thin coats of this paint need to be applied for maximum performance. Thick coats are likely to peel. Before painting, the surface should be cleaned with a concrete and masonry cleaner for proper topcoat adhesion. Using a roller with an extension handle is the best way to apply this product, but some people choose to use brushes and seem to have good results. Be sure all the cans are the same shade of gray before beginning. Once the first coat of paint has been applied, allow at least four hours of dry time before applying the second coat. Twenty-four to forty-eight hours of drying time are required before allowing people to walk on the newly painted surface. More time should be allowed before driving on the surface.

This product is not meant to be used on walls or other vertical surfaces. To paint masonry walls, a different product should be used. This is for horizontal surfaces only, and if it is used on a vertical surface, it is likely to drip or sag. Garage floors, driveways, basements, and pool decks are manufacturer recommended applications. On garage floors, it holds up well to spills and leaks from oil and transmission fluid.

Kilz does need to be thoroughly mixed before using the product to prevent the paint at the top of the can from being a different color than what is left at the bottom of the can.

Any repairs that need to be made to a surface need to be done before painting. This product only provides the color. It will not fill cracks or holes. Correct any textural problems before painting the floor or driveway. Be sure to allow any concrete repairs plenty of dry time before painting the repaired surface.


Overall, this product might be a good choice as long as the project is for home use, and gray is the preferred color. Kilz is an award-winning brand with a reputation for high-quality products. A different product should be chosen for industrial applications, but for the typical homeowner, this epoxy paint will provide excellent coverage and durability. Its easy application and the professional look of the finish leaves the majority of users satisfied with their results.

  • Easy application
  • Trusted brand
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Not for industrial use
  • Only available in two colors

2. Coloredepoxies Black Epoxy Resin – Best True Epoxy


Coloredepoxies Black Epoxy Resin is a flexible resin coating. Purchasing a three-gallon kit means there will likely be enough to complete a typical garage project. This product is also available in single gallons and 3-quart kits for smaller areas. It is suitable for use on garage floors, basements, concrete, and plywood surfaces. There are eighteen different color options, including clear and crystal clear, but for this guide, only the black resin was evaluated. Because this product is not water-based, it is excellent for waterproofing purposes. It is both mold and mildew resistant. Coloredexpoxies is also impact and UV resistant.

The actual application needs to be done relatively quickly. After the product is mixed, it begins to harden within 20 minutes. For that reason, the area to be covered needs to be cleared and prepared before mixing the epoxy, and all the materials for applying it need to be ready to use. Only mix the amount the can be applied in the time allowed. Mixing in batches will prevent the product from hardening before it has been applied to the surface.


One three-gallon kit covers 325 to 510 square feet. Less coverage is to be expected for rough surfaces. Each gallon of this product covers between 125 and 170 square feet. It does take between 8 and 22 hours to dry. Allowing 24 hours is recommended to be certain it is completely dry before use.

This product should not peel from tire heat if the product was allowed to cure properly. Suitable for industrial, commercial, or residential use, it is supposed to withstand the heaviest of traffic. Decorative elements such as color flakes and granules, mica, quartz, paint chips, and glitters can be added without issues.

If the application is for outdoor use, Super UV Moisture Cured Urethane coat should be applied after the surface has fully dried. Because it is designed for flooring use only, this product should not be used on vertical surfaces like walls. It provides flexibility to stand up to foot traffic and being driven on. This same quality would cause it to sag if it were used on a wall.

Some users recommend priming concrete before applying this product. As with any paint or epoxy product, any problems in the surface texture need to be addressed before applying the product. If this step is skipped, any textural imperfections will still be visible.

Many reviewers have been disappointed at the low intensity of the color results. This product is not paint; it is an epoxy. While colors will be tinted various hues, it will not look like paint even after many coats. The floor color underneath is likely to be visible, and that will affect the appearance of the final color. Do not expect a thick product when purchasing this product. It goes on in thin coats.


Coloredepoxy might be a good choice for areas that need to withstand high use traffic. Because it is designed for commercial applications, a homeowner will find it performs extremely well in a residential application. Because it can be mixed with decorative additions, it is a great choice for applications where more than just the look of paint is desired. If the depth of color is important, using a colored primer beforehand might be a good idea. Even after several coats of this product, users who expect a rich color are likely to be disappointed. Priming beforehand using a colored primer to get the richness of color that is preferred should solve that problem.

  • Suitable for commercial or industrial use
  • High durability
  • Can mix in paint chips, glitters, and other decorative elements
  • Product is thin, so many coats may be required
  • Color intensity tends to leave a transparent surface. It behaves more like a tint than a paint

3. RUST-OLEUM Epoxy Shield Concrete Floor Paint – Best Self-Priming Floor Paint with Epoxy Added


Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield Concrete Floor Paint is another option in this trusted brand’s product line. Because it is self-priming, only one coat is required for full coverage. It is UV and water-resistant, so this product should be considered for garages, driveways, walkways, patios, basements, carports, shop floors, and pool areas.

Those who try to buy American made products will like that this one is manufactured in the United States.


Despite its name, this is not a true epoxy. It is an improved acrylic formula. This allows for a deeper color, but will not provide the same results as an epoxy. Decorative elements like glitter or paint chips should probably not added to this product like one might with a 100% epoxy resin. Because it is a water-based product, clean up is generally easy. Just use soap and water.

This should resist staining from most household chemicals, and will not peel due to hot tires. Because of that, this might be a good choice for garage and basement applications.

Epoxy Shield can be used for either interior or exterior projects.


This product is recommended for homeowners who want a full-coverage product and are fine with not using a true epoxy. If bold color is most important, this product would be a good choice. For those who want the clear sheen of epoxy or to add glitter and or another personalized touch, it might be better to opt for a true epoxy coating.

  • Only requires one coat for full coverage results
  • Not a true epoxy

4. AdCoat Garage Floor and Driveway Epoxy Paint – Best Industrial Strength Acrylic Paint with Epoxy


AdCoat Garage Floor and Driveway Epoxy Paint is an industrial-strength 2-part epoxy acrylic water-based coating in a satin finish for indoor or outdoor use. It can be applied to concrete, masonry, and aged asphalt. The recommended applications include garages, driveways, carports, balconies, porches, walkways, and warehouse floors. It comes in gallon-sized buckets. One container covers up to 250 square feet. Rough surfaces will get less coverage from each paint bucket.


Like other 2-part epoxies, this is a water-based acrylic paint with added epoxy. This allows for easy soap and water clean up, but might not be as compatible with decorative elements like paint flakes or glitters. The epoxy content should provide adequate protection from hot tires, gas, oil, and most household chemical spills. Because it contains acrylic resin, the product is not likely to turn yellow due to sun exposure. That might make it an especially good choice for outdoor use.

This product can be applied with a brush, roller, or spray equipment. It is self-priming, so a separate primer is not required. As with any floor paint, any surface problems need to be addressed before painting. Two thin coats will produce better results than a single thick coat.

This AdCoat product is only available in two colors: gray and light gray. For projects that require other colors or paint additives, this product is probably not going to be the right choice. The kit itself does come with a small amount of its own slip-resistant additive.

Although it is dry to the touch in about 2 hours, painted surfaces need to dry for 4 hours before applying a second coat. It takes seven days to fully cure, and surfaces should not be driven on until that has been achieved.


For applications that don’t require a gloss epoxy sheen, this product might be a good choice. It is comparable to the Kilz 2-part product line, but this one is a little less costly per gallon. It requires two coats, though, which could make up for the price difference depending on the size of the project. The week-long curing time should be considered before using this on areas that have to handle more than just foot traffic. Only choose this product if cars can be kept away from the driveway, garage, or carport for that long. Remember that there are limited color options with this one. There are two options, and both are gray. Only choose this one if those are acceptable limitations.

  • Suitable for industrial use
  • Self-priming
  • Takes a week to fully cure
  • Not a true epoxy

5. United Gilsonite Labs Drylock 1-Part Epoxy Floor Paint – Best Semi-Gloss Paint with Epoxy


United Gilsonite Lab’s Drylock 1-Part Epoxy Floor Paint is available in two-gallon kits. This is a semi-gloss floor paint with epoxy added for surface protection and durability.


The newer formulation has been independently tested for extreme water resistance, its ability to retain its color, its chemical and hot tire resistance, and its durability. It should be highly resistant to household chemicals, oil, grease, and gasoline spills, and leaks.

This product should also be fine for indoor or outdoor use. Its recommended uses include concrete, garage, and basement floors, walkways, and patios. Because it is UV resistant, outdoor applications are not supposed to fade or peel due to sun exposure. The epoxy content should protect the surface from hot tire pick up.

As with all floor paints, do not use this on a wall or any other vertical surfaces. It is likely to sag, drip, and peel if used in those types of applications.

Another water-based product, clean up should be simple using only soap and water. This product can be stored: a useful feature for any future touch-ups that may be needed.


This product is a good choice for household use. Industrial and commercial use is not recommended, so steer clear of this one if the area that needs painting is in a high use area.

Because it is a tint base only, the color options on this product should be broad.

  • UV resistant
  • Hot tire resistant
  • Not for industrial or commercial use
  • Few reviews available from consumers
  • Tint base only

Buyer’s Guide

Best epoxy paint for garage floorWhen choosing a product for painting a floor, pay attention to the difference between epoxies and acrylics with added epoxy. Both types of products produce good results, but they are not the same. If the desired look is a transparent, high gloss sheen or includes decorative flecks, chips, and other additives, a true epoxy is probably the best choice. This is not always the case, though. Some acrylics with epoxy do allow for additives, and the final product can look nice. If solid coverage of deep color is desired, the acrylic with epoxy will probably be the right choice. People who confuse the two tend to be disappointed with the results they get.

Make sure the product being selected is suitable for the project is being used for. Not all products are appropriate for the heavy traffic of industrial or commercial use. The ones that are will be labeled as such. A homeowner can generally choose an industrial strength product for home use, though, without problems.

All floor paints and epoxies are for horizontal surfaces only. Do not use any floor paints for vertical surfaces. Doing so will leave your project sagging after it dries.

Most of the products for floors are within a similar price range, so we do not recommend any particular brands or products based on price alone. To measure the space being painted and get enough product for at least two coats. More will always be required for rough surfaces than smooth ones. Knowing that upfront can make sure supplies do not run out in the middle of a project.

Most epoxy products require using them within a certain time frame after mixing. Pay attention to this on the product, and only mix up the amount that can be applied in that time frame. Failure to do so can lead to a wasted product since epoxies begin to harden relatively quickly.

Regardless of which product is chosen, how well the floor is prepared is going to have a big impact on results. This usually involves removing everything from the area to be painted, sweeping, using razor blades to scrape off any solid debris, using a power washer to clean the surface, removing any oil and chemical stains that are still present, and then repairing any holes, chips, and cracks.

While most people do not know exactly what product their garage floor was originally sealed with, one way to test this is to sprinkle water droplets on the floor. If the concrete does not absorb it, there is likely to be a clear coat that needs to be removed before new paint or epoxy is used. Some people choose to use a diamond-tipped grinder to remove this layer. Other people choose to acid etch their flooring before repainting.

Also, consider a top coat as a final step. Check individual products to see if a topcoat can be applied, and if so, it is usually worth the effort to have that extra layer of protection for longer-lasting results.

In Conclusion

Painting or epoxying floors can be an intimidating project, but it is actually similar to painting a wall in most cases. As long as the surface is properly prepared beforehand, the actual application is quite simple. At a minimum, adequate preparation generally includes cleaning the surface well with a product designed to clean concrete or masonry, making any surface repairs, and priming if necessary. As discussed above, there are other steps that can be taken to improve results even further. Skipping any of those steps can lead to disappointing results, but otherwise, floor painting is a straightforward project. Always allow the right amount of drying time afterward, and this is a project that can improve a home’s curb appeal significantly. Taking on this project as a do-it-yourself project generally saves a homeowner thousands of dollars.

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