Best Lighting For Garage – Buyer’s Guide


Best Lighting For GarageConsidering garages are very popular in homes nowadays, the need for the best lighting for easy accessibility, work efficiency, and safety is mandatory. If the lights you use in your garage aren’t efficient in their task, here is a guide and a review of 10 best lighting for garages.


Best Lighting For Garage of 2018

Product TypeWattageLumensColor Temp. 
Hyperikon - LED High Bay Light Fixture (Editor’s Choice)LED, Fixture165W220005000KCheck Price
PrimeLights - T8 LED HighBayPrimeLights T8 LED HighBayLED, Shop88W210005000KCheck Price
Striker - TRiLIGHT Motion Activated Ceiling LightLED, Bulb24W30005400KCheck Price
Hyperikon - LED Utility Shop LightLED, Shop38W40004000KCheck Price
Bobcat Lighting - 30W LED Area LightLED, Outdoor30W36005000KCheck Price
LED Lighting Technology - LED Garage Vapor Proof FixtureLED, Fixture36W27005000KCheck Price
LeonLite - 4ft Linkable LED Shop LightLED, Shop30W40005000KCheck Price
Hykolity - Utility LED Shop Light 4ft FixtureLED, Shop, Fixture40W48005000KCheck Price
Lithonia Lighting - 4-light Heavy Duty Shop LightFluorescent, Shop32W--Check Price
Lithonia Lighting - Fluorescent Square 2 LampFluorescent32W--Check Price

1. Hyperikon LED High Bay Light Fixture – Best Garage Lighting Fixture

This is the newer Hyperikon fixture, which is a premier choice for garage lighting among other areas. It is one of the best high-end product with good performance. It features a LED technology with top-notch diodes that packs 133 lumens per watt. For this reason alone, it is super bright and energy saving. It comes with a good life that will guarantee your satisfaction and reduced expenses on maintenance.

This Hyperikon LED High Bay Light Fixture is equipped with a motion sensor, convenient enough to ensure that every time you drive towards the garage, it lights up. The range is up to eighty feet and when no motion is detected, the lights dim themselves after 2 minutes.

The body is made of aluminum, which is lightweight and ideal for the product’s durability. This also makes it easy for installation using chains or if you want to do it differently; mounting on the surface. The chains come with the purchase. This is an advantage.

Unfortunately, the LED bulbs are not replaceable and they do not come with a plug end. They are meant to be hard wired. Overall verdict, it is highly recommended.

  • Hanging chains included
  • Very bright with less power consumption
  • Equipped with a motion sensor
  • Durable, lightweight and easy to install
  • No plug end for the switch
  • Some users find it small

2. PrimeLights T8 LED HighBay – Best LED Lighting for Garage

The PrimeLights T8 LED HighBay was designed with durability in mind. It is in line with the commercial grade lighting you would want just for your garage. It utilizes the LED technology, which means the bulbs are energy efficient and will reduce the cost of your bills. Its construction features a steel housing and reflectors ideal for full illumination. You can directly mount them to the ceiling or use a chain to hang them.

Although its accessories are proprietary, chains, for example, this particular is worth every penny. It comes with four lamps that deliver adequate brightness for a garage of any size. This is impressive, considering the low wattage, 88 Watts, it burns at. Unfortunately, if you find them too bright, especially for the seven or eight-foot garages, you won’t be able to adjust or dim it.

Should one bulb misbehave, you can easily replace it without buying the whole fixture, and users are happy about it. Perhaps the only setback to this particular product is that the tubes are powered on one end and have no markings to easily point out how to install them. Otherwise, it is a good lighting fixture and highly recommended.

  • The bulbs are super bright
  • Can be installed easily on the ceiling or using chains
  • Burns at low wattage for energy efficiency
  • Good reviews
  • Advertised as made in the USA, but the bulbs are made in China
  • Are a bit expensive
  • Accessories are proprietary

3. Striker TRiLIGHT Motion Activated Ceiling Light – Best LED Light Bulb for Garage

The Striker TRiLIGHT Motion Activated Ceiling Light is another easy to install garage lighting that is highly versatile. It can also be used in basements or other rooms that require bright lights, either at home or business premises. The lights are energy efficient with only a consumption of 25 Watts and an illumination of 3000 lumens.

This lighting fixture is equipped with a motion sensor that triggers illumination when you enter the room or when you drive home in the dark. It turns itself off if it doesn’t detect any motion. The motion sensor is also optional. If you don’t want to use it, you can turn it off.

The installation involves easily screwing it to the ceiling of your garage. There is no need for hard wires or hiring a professional for the task. Its LED lights are adjustable and generally, the product has a solid feel to it. It is well-made and with the super-bright lights, what more would you want for your garage?

The motion sensor is a bit of a moron though. It is extra sensitive and some people do not like this. But because it is optional, you can just have it off!

  • Motion activated
  • Has a low wattage consumption
  • The build is solid with adjustable LED lights
  • Good value for money
  • DIY installation
  • The motion sensor is extra-sensitive
  • Some users do not find it bright enough
  • For a 3000 lumen light, it is expensive

4. Hyperikon LED Utility Shop Light – Best LED Shop Light for Garage Ceiling

Committed to developing and providing the highest quality LED lights in the industry, Hyperikon couldn’t have done better with this particular fixture. It fits both residential and commercial use, which makes it one of the best for lighting your garage.

Hyperikon LED Utility Shop Light comes with a DLC qualification and is super bright with 4000 lumens and a daylight temperature of 3000k. It is energy efficient with only 38 Watt consumption, which is contrary to the 100 Watt consumption by fluorescent tubes. The lifespan is also excellent, and at six hours of use daily, it will take you two decades before you replace it.

The design itself features a single piece of rugged steel to further enhance durability. Anyone can fix it in the garage. Installation is easy, thanks to its comprehensive manual. Overall, the product guarantees the best performance and will keep your garage fully illuminated.

The only limitation is that the Hyperikon LED Utility Shop Light comes with an in-line switch that is hard to access after mounting the light. The lights keep glowing even after you have switched them off. All in all, it is a product you would want for your home garage.

  • Offers easy installation and anyone can install it
  • High on energy efficiency
  • Requires virtually no maintenance costs
  • Lightweight but very durable
  • Has a good lifespan
  • Hard to switch off and on after mounting the light
  • Some users have issues with the metal brackets not holding the ceiling
  • Others cite misleading pieces

5. Bobcat Lighting 30W LED Area Light – Best Outdoor Garage LED Light

This Bobcat high sensitivity photocell light system is ideal for illuminating your garage from dusk to dawn. It is highly versatile and can be used in backyards, shops, barns, alleys among others. The bulb is energy efficient and with a total of 3600 lumens, the Bobcat Lighting 30W LED Area Light is ideal for all your needs.

It is energy efficient and consumes only 30 watts of power. This particular product comes with an aluminum die-cast body that keeps the LED lights safe and free of dust, debris, and moisture. The LEDs are also ideal and rated for wet places. The installation is quick and it mounts on the ceiling, a wooden plank, or even a pole. The installation lag screws come with the purchase.

The brightness covers a large area with the LED shining down from where it is installed. The daylight temperature is 5000K, which is white enough for a perfect illumination.

The reviews, however, show that some users have issues with Bobcat Lighting 30W LED Area Light. Apart from testimonies that say it did not work, unclear installation instructions is another setback. On a lighter note, most reviews are positive.

  • Has a beautiful bright white light
  • It is lightweight
  • Saves on the cost of electricity bills
  • Great customer service
  • Users claim it doesn’t work
  • It is much smaller than expected
  • The installation instructions are unclear
  • Unidirectional brightness. It shines down only and would require several for a large garage

6. LED Lighting Technology LED Garage Vapor Proof Fixture – Best Garage LED Lighting System

This particular product comes with a design that guarantees the brightest lights and lots of energy saving. It is damp rated, and it requires virtually no maintenance costs. It has a good life and consistent production of glowing white lights. The high end LED lights consumes only 36 watts of power and has a daylight temperature of 5000k.

It comes with mounting brackets for installation, and a customer supplied power cord. The hard wire fixture gives good protection to your lighting system. Unfortunately, the lamps in this fixture are not dimmable. Speaking of which, this LED Lighting Technology LED Garage Vapor Proof Fixture doesn’t come with any bulbs. They are unnecessary as it is fitted with LED strips with a luminous flux of 2700, which means they are brighter than fluorescent bulbs.

The installation is easy. You can mount it directly or hang them using wires. You will find it quicker to use a wire with a small gauge for connection, at least that is how most users find it to be. You should also make sure to be cautious as the connectors might feel a little insecure.

It has a good value for your money and anybody would recommend it to you.

  • The installation is easy
  • The LED lamps are super bright
  • Are energy efficient
  • Good customer service
  • It could do with more quality construction
  • Some users experience issues after several months of use

7. LeonLite 4ft Linkable LED Shop Light – Best Garage LED Light Fixture

At 40W, it may be low on power but this LeonLite 4ft Linkable LED Shop Light outputs a total of 4100 lumens and a daylight temperature of 5000k, which is similar to the natural light. If you prefer a lower temperature than that, there is a 4000k option with a cool light you should consider.

The fixture comes easy in installation. The process involves only mounting it in a desired position or location or hanging with the included chains and plugging the power cord into the nearest outlet. It comes with a pull cord to switch it on and off. This is both a good and a bad thing. While it is convenient at times, when it is dark, you might find a hard time trying to find the plug switch.

What is even more interesting about the LeonLite 4ft Linkable LED Shop Light is that it is linkable for up to four fixtures. This is a relief for those with few power outlets. It is perfect, but if you are looking for a LED fixture to hardwire into your electrical system, you might want to explore other options.

  • Easy installation
  • Comes with installation accessories
  • The light output is very bright
  • It is linkable if you are low on power outlets
  • You may need a cord longer than 5 feet it comes with if your garage is large
  • Not the best for hard wiring

8. Hykolity Utility LED Shop Light 4ft Fixture – Best Shop Lighting Fixture

This lighting fixture has a design with a 5000k daylight temperature. The light is pure white, everything you want if you like the daylight setting. As much as it consumes power, it saves up to 63 percent on the cost of your electricity bill. The light intensity of its LED lamps is high with 4800 lumens.

This lighting fixture is equipped with a motion sensor that triggers illumination when you enter the room or when you drive home in the dark. It turns itself off if it doesn’t detect any motion. The motion sensor is also optional. If you don’t want to use it, you can turn it off.

Installation is quick. You can simply hang it with a chain or mount it on a surface. The body is made of aluminum for extra strength. The hanging accessories are included in the package.

The only setback is that this particular fixture comes with cheaply made clamps and screws. This requires extra care while installing it to avoid breakage.

  • Emits pure white light, clean and bright
  • Has a lightweight design
  • Convenient plug on/off switch
  • The screws and clamps are weak. It needs careful handling

9. Lithonia Lighting 4-light Heavy Duty Shop Light – Best Fluorescent Shop Light for Garage

The Lithonia Lighting – 4-light Heavy Duty Shop Light is your type of light if you are scouting for lighting fixtures for a wide-space garage and at minimal cost. It comes with four fluorescent bulbs and a capacity of 32W. Although relatively heavy, it can be hung with hooks and two hanging chains.

The Lithonia Lighting 4-light Heavy Duty Shop Light has passed Energy Star efficiency, which means that regardless of it being a fluorescent and not a LED lighting system, it saves energy and is apt if you want one that is the best compared to others sold on the market.

The four bulbs are protected by a removable wire guard. Detaching it can be easily done without using screwdrivers or other tools. It snaps into place, but if you want extra security for your bulbs, you can purchase more hold-on clips. It also includes a reflector for even distribution of light, and a pull chain power switch if you prefer it more than the traditional wall switch.

What might be a limitation to using this fixture is that the reflector is tilted in such a way that allows light to be directed downwards only. Similarly, the reflectors, instead of white paint, have been painted gray. But with all its benefits, you should have this product if you would rather have a fluorescent lighting system for your garage.

  • 4 bulbs for an excellent glow
  • Lighting is adjustable; you can turn off some bulbs according to your preference
  • Ideal for both high and low garage ceilings
  • Easy and hassle-free installation
  • Light is unidirectional
  • The fixture is a bit bulky
  • Reflector painted gray instead of white

10. Lithonia Lighting Fluorescent Square 2 Lamp – Best Fluorescent Lighting for Garage

This recessed panel offered by Lithonia makes for an excellent fixture to keep your garage fully illuminated. The whole system will be a bit difficult for you to install than the other options. You might need a little help here. Fixing it in your garage involves drilling holes and using drywall screws. If your garage ceiling is completed, it is a great way of ensuring that the whole place is fully lit, if installed appropriately.

It comes with a beautiful ballast that allows the lights to do their work without much of an effort. The lights won’t flicker, or hum. This fixture also features a hinged construction that allows easy maintenance. With linear side and bottom prisms, brightness is controlled and the image of the lamp is reduced. The light levels exuded by the 2 32W T8 fluorescent bulbs are high. The Lithonia Lighting Fluorescent Square 2 Lamp fixture also gives your light bulbs the best protection.

Notably, this fixture only comes empty. The two 32W T8 fluorescent bulbs are sold separately. This is a disadvantage and might make people consider other options, but with the level of energy efficiency and brightness it gives your home garage, it is worth having.

  • Features a linear fluorescent technology that is energy efficient
  • Suitable for garages, offices, storage rooms among other places
  • Comes with a ballast that doesn’t offer room for flickering or humming
  • Solid metal construction for durability
  • Doesn’t come with the bulbs
  • Installation isn’t easy
  • Others worry the construction is cheap

Buyer’s Guide

The market is flooded with all sorts of lights for commercial and residential use. Some of them are ideal for use in the garage, others are not. How do you know that you have the best product? Your garage space determines the type, the size, and the brightness of the lighting product you will purchase. The following are key features you should consider before choosing a particular product.


The whole point of choosing a garage lighting system is to illuminate the space. This is the most important factor. Traditionally, the brightness of a bulb was measured by how many watts it consumed. The higher the wattage meant more brightness. Nowadays, lumens are used. So, what exactly are lumens?

Lumens are the scientific measurement for the output of true light regardless of the energy consumption. A bulb with the highest number of lumens means it is the brightest. Generally, a light with 3500 plus lumens will do well in your home garage. After considering the lumens, look at the brand and verify the claims to see if the number is truly what it says.

LumensIncandescent light bulb (watts)Fluorescent / LED (watts)
375 lm25 W6.23 W
600 lm40 W10 W
900 lm60 W15 W
1125 lm75 W18.75 W
1500 lm100 W25 W
2250 lm150 W37.5 W
3000 lm200 W50 W
3800 lm250 W60 W
4500 lm350 W75 W
Lumens to watts table


A bulb with a good lifespan will last longer, which means it is the better option. This also means that the replacement costs or maintenance costs are less. You should prioritize a light with extra-long life. Typically, LED lights have a longer life than the fluorescent types.

Energy Efficiency

Saving energy is ideal for you and the environment as well. It minimizes the costs of energy bills. Depending on the number of hours you spend in the garage, lighting can contribute to an increase in the household energy bills. This is the reason why you should consider an energy saving bulb.

LED lights are again, the top picks and they consume less than 60 percent of energy compared to the conventional lighting system. While scouting for the best energy saver lighting system for your garage, look for ones with the Energy Star certification. You will save good money.

Ease of Installation

Some lights come with no installation instructions, or even worse, the instructions are unclear. The last thing you want to do is damage the new product while trying to install it in your home garage. To make things easier, you should look for a product with chains for hanging or one that allows you to easily mount it on a surface. Most importantly, ensure that your purchase comes with all the accessories required for the installation.


Most garage or storage room lights are just under 50” in length. Some have two while others can take up to four bulbs. The most important thing to consider is the garage setting. This will tell you the type of lighting you require and the size. What you have in the garage affects how many lights you will need.

Normally, about three to four lights should surround the car and if you have a workbench, have another light for it. This can be solved by lights, which are super bright. You might need less than the number stated.


Your garage is also mostly your workshop. With lots of activity going on in there, if your lamps are not protected, you will keep replacing them now and then. The housing for the bulb, therefore, is worth considering. It will keep your lights safe and durable.

Switch Types

This is highly dependent on you. Some still prefer the pull-down chains, which are often very convenient, while others think that plugs attached to the switch are better. Whichever the case, it is up to you. There are other sophisticated types that use smart technology; those that have motion sensors.

Color Temperature

Garages are better illuminated with lights that have a Kelvin temperature of between 4000 and 7000K. At this level, the brightness is sufficient and much more like the sun during the day. Anything lower than that means it is dim and your eyes will strain, which is not a good thing for your vision.

Kelvin Temperature Chart


Ensuring that you have the best lights is mandatory for your garage, regardless of how you use it. The above guide and review, hopefully, has enlightened you on what it is you want for your home garage. Whether you want a fluorescent or a LED type, the products will give you satisfaction. There is no major downside to the products, all of them are energy efficient, super bright and ideal for your home garage.

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    Look at Amazon’s Barrina LED lights. I own 6 of the 4ft 6500k ones. I use them to grow indoor plants (not weed), but they’re intended for garage lighting. They’re by far the best bang for your buck and put off greater lumens than most of those on your list for a fraction of the price. Owned them for about 2 yrs now. They’ve been releasing new versions recently though I haven’t tried them yet.

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